Celebrating Pentecost

So I found some great ideas for celebrating Pentecost from one of my favorite blogs called Shower of Roses.  I made some adjustments to suit our needs and tried them out with my kids.  It seems to be going well so far.  I quickly put together a windsock minus the flames with the gifts of the Holy Spirit at the end and we are using it in an interactive way to pray the kids Pentecost Novena leading up to Sunday.  Almost every day of the novena has one of the gifts of the Holy spirit to reflect upon, so we say the prayer, talk about the particular gift for the day, then attach the flame with that gift written on it to the windsock.  So by the end of the Novena on Pentecost Sunday, our windsock is complete!  I did it this way because my kids are a bit too young to actually be able to make the windsock on their own but being able to attach a flame to it everyday after the prayer makes it “theirs”.  You can find the original windsock post here and the kids novena here.  Thank you to my graphic designer hubby who did the picture for me…more skills for me to learn.


My First Post

I’m starting this blog as a way to record some of the happenings in our life as a Catholic homeschooling family and as a way to learn a bit more about using a computer. I don’t know much about blogging or computing in general really so I will probably make some big mistakes here in the on-line world.  I hear there is also another world of etiquette here, I don’t know all about that either.  I welcome and appreciate any person of good will to let me know when I mess up or how I can improve so that I can learn from mistakes.  I’m hoping in a few years I can look back at these beginning posts and laugh at what a “newbie” I was and also have a lot of useful records of homeschooling activities with my family that I can share with others who may be in need of ideas.